Superheroes Fight Disease

It would be an understatement to say that superheroes are very popular right now. At least seven superhero movies are confirmed for 2017, including the Lego Batman movie. The popularity of superheroes is also evident in the yearly attendance increases at Comic-Cons and other similar conventions. And now superheroes are being engaged to fight disease.… Read more

The future of science now

In a galaxy far, far away in a future lightyears from now, we see Luke Skywalker. Still shaken up at the shocking revelation that Darth Vadar is his father, Luke sits quietly as a robot fits a mechanicalized prosthetic arm, recently lost in a light saber dual with his father, onto his arm. The humanoid… Read more


Welcome! Whether you are a potential new client or a talented professional considering Hive as your new home, we are glad you stopped by. Hive New York was founded in 2015 when the market was dominated by agency silos with little innovation coupled with a communications landscape that had changed rapidly. Hive wanted to challenge… Read more