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St Ives re-launches as Kin + Carta

In 2014 Hive was acquired by St Ives Group, today we’re excited to announce that St Ives is re-launching as Kin + Carta. Kin + Carta brings together seven unique businesses under its new organisational model called The Connective. The Connective is formed of over 1,500 specialists across four continents, connected by culture and shared… Read more

Find us

  Hive, Haymarket House, 1 Oxendon Street. London. SW1Y 4EE. UK Tel +44 (0)207 440 5600 Plan your journey with Google Maps or with Transport for London


The sheer scale and range of people we’ve worked with makes us beam with pride. Every single brief, idea and opportunity for craft is down to a trusted partnership between ourselves and someone who has wanted to do it differently. We salute you.  


This is where we find ourselves. When we needed to move we spent a few days with all of us planning our perfect office. Fixing to find a different style, co-creating our environment and the way we work. Those two sessions resulted in a place to work that continues to serve us well. Whether that be for… Read more

Always looking.

It’s by no means straightforward holding onto your talent pool in this highly competitive business. At hive we are borderline obsessive about finding and holding onto the amazing people that have fuelled our culture and driven our success. Interviewing We try to see pretty much everyone who wants to connect with us. Whether for an… Read more

The Hive Group

There’s no doubt that the world of healthcare and communication is in constant flux. Nothing remains still, treatments change, society shifts and systems evolve. The Hive Group was founded to harness this evolution. The Group provides shared operations and talent vital to drive the growth of our companies and their clients. Its helps us managing… Read more

Patient Centricity News

We were introduced to a few years ago, it was still beta and invite only. We were looking for a way to centralise the World’s views on (our point of existence) patient centricity and to find new ways of building a community around patients and uniting content in this area. We all appreciate good… Read more


Pollen is a strategic medical communications consultancy with a twist. Our partners in scientific engagement Pollen are great believers in the power of storytelling to bring the science to life. Read more here.


These guys are the people to go to if you need deeper behavioural insights before you start planning your digital strategy. Ebee gather valuable evidence on your audience’s behavioural preferences using a innovative validated tool called Spyder. Read more here.