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Creating compelling health experiences

Making complex things simpler is part of any good agencies’ DNA. But we don’t think you should stop there. We believe our customers crave ‘experiences’ rather than rote learning or being fed key messages. Read on to find out how we took a complex message and created an experience. Take the complex. Make it simple.… Read more

How creativity and copying are two sides of the same coin

Where do good ideas come from? Inspiration is sometimes thought of as a strange and mysterious alchemy, the domain of geniuses who can apparently spin gold from thin air, waiting to be struck by a bolt from the blue to create a purely original idea that has never before been seen by human eyes. Widely… Read more

A great night for the Hive Group!

We were delighted to be recognised with 4 awards at last night’s PM Society Digital Awards, picking up 3 Golds and 1 Silver. What was particularly lovely was that each of the agencies in the Group, Hive, ebee and Pollen, were recognised for their great work. Hive Health US, in partnership with Fundamental VR and… Read more

Shiny sparkly blue things

In scenes reminiscent of an overgrown school outing this week (on the whole just missing the holding hands and reflective clothing), we decamped en masse to the Tate Modern for the first of a series of events to help us lift our heads from the everyday and consider the creative world beyond our beloved agency. … Read more

Thoughts on a creative career

Ze Frank’s vlog contributions are a regular source of good sense, creativity and frankness. The Today Show style seems a refreshing capsule, when you need a quick ‘cloth touch’ with that rare combination between talent and expressive clarity.  Ze is an American online performance artist, composer, humorist and public speaker based in Los Angeles, California. He was a pioneer of the vlogging format and is… Read more

Playing to the gallery.

I’ve been meaning to post something on Turner Prize winning, Grayson Perry’s 4 part Reith Lecture this year. The Reith Lectures are for those Radio 4 fans, a highlight of the Autumn calendar. Started in 1948, this series of lectures were set up to celebrate Lord Reith, with a set of Significant international thinkers delivering the… Read more


We’ve been loaned Katharine Armstrong’s sculpture Zimmers for a few weeks.  It sits proud centre ready for view and interpretation in the North Wing. Katherine’s awareness of disability was gained in physiotherapy departments and care-homes, and led her to observe the difficulties of the old and infirm. The stark reality of these issues is a common theme in… Read more

1 man band

If you need proof that the worlds filled with crazy talent bubbling up. Here it is. Kaleb Lechowski is 22 years’ old. He wrote, directed and animated this great little sci-fi short, which took him seven months to complete whilst at Mediadesign Hochschule in Berlin, Germany. With no budget to play with, but with access to Maya, Blender,… Read more

Steal this

After avoiding Powerpoint for about 6 months in favour of illustrated boards, collages and even expressive dance.  I stumbled across this nice little guide made available by the guys behind the You Suck At PowerPoint app a useful guide to making your slides less slide like. Unfortunately I’m having problems finding the app on Itunes.… Read more

Creativity and effectiveness in healthcare

The reason most of us are involved in the healthcare communications industry is not for the heady rush you get from a reading a bloody good clinical paper, or for that unmistakable quickening of the pulse you can only get from being briefed on the next tabbed detail aid.  The real reason most of us… Read more