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Outsourcing empathy – Is technology what the doctor ordered?

   With rapidly amalgamating digital and physical worlds, technology is becoming an increasingly indispensable tool that has the potential to deliver real value in our daily lives. People bank online, shop online, broadcast their lives online, book appointments online and can locate anything they need at any point in their day as long as they… Read more

The Future of Health Tech

It seems like you can’t turn around these days (online at least) without bumping into yet another set of predictions for the future of health tech, so rather than give you our top 10 or even our top 5 guesses, we thought we’d talk to our own Digital Strategist, Alex Hope, to see how he… Read more

Can a universal NHS be relevant in 2018?

  The NHS was created as a universal health system, built on the principles of meeting the needs of everyone; free at the point of delivery; and based on need, not ability to pay. Now 70 years old, these principles have never been under such strain. I’ve been following how the NHS is changing, and… Read more

Could you navigate one of the hardest jobs in medicine?

  It’s 3:30pm. Put down that sandwich you’ve been craving since lunch time. In 5 minutes you’re going to meet someone you’ve never met before. Before you meet this person for the first time, I’m going to give you access to a garbled backlog of their details and medical history. Then you have 45 minutes… Read more

How creativity and copying are two sides of the same coin

Where do good ideas come from? Inspiration is sometimes thought of as a strange and mysterious alchemy, the domain of geniuses who can apparently spin gold from thin air, waiting to be struck by a bolt from the blue to create a purely original idea that has never before been seen by human eyes. Widely… Read more

Ten years at the forefront of patient experience

This month marks ten years of Hive, which has prompted us to reflect on how the world has changed over the last decade, and how it is going to change over the next one. When we opened our doors we would say to our clients: “You have to understand the patient and the people around… Read more

6 Lessons for MVP success in Pharma

When it comes to consumer tech, the terms ‘agile’, ‘scrums’ and ‘sprints’ are now an integral part of how the industry goes about its business. Similarly for the pharmaceutical industry, this looks set to be the direction of travel for how products will be developed in the future, but once again, we’re playing catch up… Read more

Agreeing what not to do

I’m just back from running a stack of brand planning workshops using patients and their experience as the anchor for the sessions. Two clashing behaviours bubbled up from the time. The company has a culture that’s very good at ‘doing’. This implementation orientation is a pendulum swing from the days when global teams were seen… Read more

Time we have in beans.

The delights of Ze Frank, to remind us that it’s a good idea to get a move on and do what you want. Life in Jelly beans starts a bit depressing, but does rather ask of us to realise that ever day is precious. I thought this provided an accessible way of considering all that… Read more

Meet the Entrepreneur session

We kicked off another series of Meet the Entrepreneur sessions last week with an afternoon with the guys behind Supreme Ski and Snowboard school in Courcheval. These sessions are loose in their agenda. Hoping to go someway to help get us used to strategy and implementation in an accessible world away from our usual day… Read more