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Hive in the blood – an interview with Helen Balcombe

Whether you’re a newbie to the agency world, or looking for the next great career opportunity, choosing where to hang your hat can be daunting – especially in the world of duplicate cookie-cutter agency manifestos. But what most people want to know when they join any company, is ‘am I joining a place that genuinely… Read more

What stacking a dishwasher can tell you about human behaviour

Ever noticed how badly other people stack the dishwasher at work? No? Just me then. But wait. This is important. It isn’t really about dishwashers at all. The dishwasher is merely a metaphor. For everything. And as Hive’s self-appointed Dishwasher Organisation & Reorganisation Co-ordinator (yes, I’m a DORC and proud of it), I’ve noticed a… Read more

Ever seen a cow play golf?…

Another Thursday at work, but not just any Thursday. I just bought myself a lovely orange jacket for spring – how on trend! – purchased at our International Women’s Day second-hand clothing and baked goods sale. We raised £215 and we’ll be donating this to a local Women’s charity. I’ve broken my diet yet again,… Read more

5 top tips for achieving Friday Challenge Greatness

What started as a simple push-up competition one Friday afternoon four years ago, has expanded, evolved and matured into what we now call ‘The Friday Challenge’ – a glorious tournament of wills, wits and cunning, where your skills are pushed to their limits in a weekly challenge against great Hive minds.   Whether it’s wine… Read more

Mike Walker joins Hive as Brand Development Director

A big Hive welcome to Mike Walker who has joined our 90-strong London team from BBH, bringing with him over 25 years of global and local brand development expertise across a vast array of therapy areas. Walker has held senior creative leadership and brand strategy roles for agency networks Saatchi Health and Grey Healthcare. In… Read more

Busy Bee

Emerging from the tube station, I was immersed in what is Piccadilly Circus; a horde of capitalists meandering their way between the herds of tourists, the distinguished (yet slightly blinding) Coca- cola ad and an abundance of Pret A Manger. On my short stroll to the office I could tell that this was going to… Read more

Better by six words

We’ve been part of a team this week helping cascade experience design on behalf of a global client. Like any co-promote it’s not been the most straightforward of projects, but it’s been a source of late night smiles and new friendships. Quite a few people at Hive have at some time spent, either a year… Read more

EURO fever

Sam and I were due to be travelling to Istanbul for a European brand team meeting last Sunday. However, a few weeks before the meeting the location was changed, and it was confirmed that the new location would be Madrid. At the time it seemed like a much less exciting place to go seeing as… Read more

Bee-ing social

The social committee. We are a bunch of unfortunate individuals selected for our superior social and organisational skills. Or so we have been told. Our task: organising fun and games for 50 Bees throughout 2012. There is only rule: stick to the budget. The challenge: stop Jas from spanking the budget after her 3rd glass of… Read more

My first month as a copywriter at Hive

I can’t believe that I’ve been here for a whole month already. Time really does fly when you’re having fun! I haven’t always been a writer. After many years of study (probably a few too many), I started my career as an embryologist working in a fertility clinic. Although I loved making babies for people,… Read more

My (work) experience as a copywriter

For the past two weeks I’ve been beavering away at Hive as a copywriter. It’s been an interesting and diverse experience. I’ve taken part in more brainstorming sessions than I have in my whole life, taken on the persona of a COPD patient and written a script from their point of view and spent an… Read more

How do we search for New Bees?

There’s no doubt about it, at the moment, Hive is a busy, busy place. Everyone working hard on projects as diverse as event management and brand building in Respiratory disease to digital training tools in Hepatitis B. As we continue to grow and develop as a company, more and more we will be looking for… Read more