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Hive Group hits the Alps

Quite a few of us have just returned from 3 nights in the snow with a solid group of mix ability skiers. 30 cms of powder, litres of Bugey Pink bubbles, and loads of Genepi. Despite a punishing 3.30 am start (might suggest someone who travels booked the cabs), we managed to get out on… Read more

Time we have in beans.

The delights of Ze Frank, to remind us that it’s a good idea to get a move on and do what you want. Life in Jelly beans starts a bit depressing, but does rather ask of us to realise that ever day is precious. I thought this provided an accessible way of considering all that… Read more

Transport for squat

This is a smart initiative at the Moscow subway station. Olympic Changes installed a special ticket machine which accepts 30 squats instead of money for a ticket. Its rare that you come across an idea (sent over by Art Director James) that you wish you had come up with. What a bit of genius. Not just… Read more

Peripheral differentiation

A while ago I wrote about the available space that surrounds our product. This space often contains an opportunity to connect better, or differentiate an experience wider than the obvious product benefit. I’m travelling a bit at the moment, doing a load of innovation workshops, that at some-point covers finding the opportunity to invent a… Read more

A neurology ad board (still reeling)

 Last week I had the pleasure of reporting on an adboard for a neuroprotective agent. I’m semi-confident with my neurology experience, but the sessions blew my microglia. I listened to fascinating debates about how the brain degenerates in certain diseases and how drugs are thought to slow the process. Like many people going all the… Read more

Seeing is believing

Humans generated more data in 2010 than in the previous 5,000 years combined. Fact. Yes, indeed another fact for you to consume. Every day, information is bombarding us from every angle – TV, newspapers, word of mouth and even something as archaic as the analogue radio in the kitchen or in the car. But as… Read more


Adam and I here are putting together a thought piece for a client to help assess a logo being developed internally for a global launch. In the midst of this fun project  I stumbled across this 1993 interview with Steve Jobs. Jobs worked with Modernist Paul Rand, and Paul certainly contributed to Jobs’ vision of… Read more

Leadership debate

Those of us who saw the leadership debate last night  find new conversation this morning. Our future prime minister touted for trust, policy and statesmanship in what was groundbreaking for UK TV. Other than Alastair Stewart who seemed to be finding inspiration in the Kilroy-Silk school of presentation. I found the whole event  really fascinating.  Dozens… Read more

Naked guidelines

Brand induction materials are normally not known to be the most fascinating of documents. Yet are pretty bread and butter stuff for us here, whether writing them or following their guidance. I have been reviewing the standard approach to these documents for a pitch coming up on Friday and alongside this forming some ideas about some… Read more

Why would anyone buy a newspaper today?

Take a look at this, it’s a parody of a brand with iconic status and iconic ads, from a brand that couldn’t be more different. Its new media meets old in a style all so familiar (that in itself is extraordinary). Brave to do, beautiful in its craft and a minute of your time. I… Read more

Gee Up

Guillaume is here, our new art director and a maestro of multimedia and graphic design. He is an inspired artist, working away from the dayjob on a number of digital projects. Guillaume stood out in interviews as a most talented, kind individual with a fascinating career backdrop. He has worked in places as diverse as… Read more