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Making complex things simpler is part of any good agencies’ DNA. But we don’t think you should stop there. We believe our customers crave ‘experiences’ rather than rote learning or being fed key messages. Read on to find out how we took a complex message and created an experience.

Take the complex. Make it simple.

You don’t get much more complex than AAV (Anca Associated Vasculitis), a devastating disease that is only recently being well understood. Our challenge was to help educate our audience around the underlying pathophysiology of the disease at an upcoming rare disease congress. Agencies do this sort of thing every day right? Wrong.

Take the simple. Make it understandable.

After wrestling with the complexity, we realised we couldn’t just simplify the story, we had to make it meaningful. We did this by finding simple metaphors and devices to explain the processes underlying the disease. Our task was only partly complete.

Take the understanding. Make it engaging.

At Hive we’re all about creating experiences. We believe that every person on this planet, be they a patient or a healthcare professional, deserve the best possible health experience. This means we always look for opportunities to elevate our communication from a pure one-time transactional experience to a real-time engagement.

Take the engagement. Create an experience.

By approaching our brief in this way, while we could have quite easily ended up making a leaflet, by approaching our brief from this point of view, we ended up creating the ‘AAV Investigation’. We put our audience right at the forefront of an immersive, interactive experience using a ‘whodunnit’ style challenge to identify the pathophysiological culprits behind AAV. We shared key patient profiles, data points and provided a 3-minute-long animation to bring it all to life. At the end of the experience, we quizzed our audience to see who they thought the culprit was.

Through the experience, make it an opportunity to learn.

Was the extra effort worth it? Absolutely. Average interaction times across the event were 13 minutes. I don’t know a brand manager anywhere who wouldn’t bite your hand off for that! 86% of our audience watched the 3-minute animation in its entirety. Our short questionnaire highlighted that there is still a huge amount of education required in this area and we were able to use our results to begin crafting the next iteration of the campaign.

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