St Ives re-launches as Kin + Carta

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In 2014 Hive was acquired by St Ives Group, today we’re excited to announce that St Ives is re-launching as Kin + Carta.

Kin + Carta brings together seven unique businesses under its new organisational model called The Connective. The Connective is formed of over 1,500 specialists across four continents, connected by culture and shared ways of working.

For over 10 years Hive have been challenging healthcare and ourselves to make a real difference to real people. We are passionate about doing what we do, better.  Now as part of The Connective we have even greater opportunities to live by these values.

As health experience architects we gather, understand and share people’s personal health narratives to create transformative connected experiences. Working as The Connective, our ability to build these experiences is enhanced. Our sister companies include digital innovation firms Solstice and TAB, communications agencies Edit and AmazeRealise and strategic consultancies Pragma, and Incite.

At Hive we’re excited about the future and the opportunities we have to deliver meaningful health outcomes that meet peoples’ rapidly evolving health needs.


J Schwan, chief executive of Kin + Carta, said:

“In a world where consumers are currently inundated with experiences that are broken and frustrating, we’re taking a radical approach to how we’re organized in order to help the world’s largest organisations achieve a more unified result.

We believe deeply that the most forward-thinking individuals want to work for specialist agencies that put culture first; until now, they haven’t had access to the necessary breadth and depth to create increasingly large and sophisticated digital experiences at the global scale.

By enabling specialists to focus and collaborate, Kin + Carta offers clients a fluid model that helps them to build entire, seamless journeys, where every element reinforces every other. The result: from the moment a potential customer becomes aware of a product, brand or service to the moment they become a vocal brand advocate — a seamless journey towards loyalty, powered by data and creativity. Kin + Carta shows our clients where to play, and delivers what’s needed to help them win.”


The name Kin + Carta embodies what the group stands for: Kin, as in family, represents The Connective’s emphases on connection and collaboration. Carta, meaning map, underscores its mission to plot a clear path to the future.

Visit the Kin + Carta website to learn more about the new Connective model.


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